We developed a social impact scale for the purpose of determining whether an entrepreneur was the right fit for SEED SPOT. We use this scale as a benchmark ventures in the program and measure Alumni success.


A real problem in the world that serves unique, specific individuals or organizations backed by research and data.


The problem is large and affects a significant number of individuals or communities.


The solution demonstrates game-changing creativity while providing skills and knowledge that will revolutionize or increase value within a sector.


The solution has to have the potential to cross gender, age, geographic, and socioeconomic boundaries.


Incorporates multilevel community and environmental considerations to create win-win solutions.

Root Cause:

Solution demonstrates the ability to tackle the root cause of the problem vs. provide a band-aid solution.


Can scale and be replicated to reach a high percentage of solution seekers.


The desired impact can be measured and tracked over time.


A clear, verifiable revenue model is in place to ensure long-term viability.


The solution provides value to both direct recipients and broader communities.